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Lots of people, think that by buying an IPHONE you will not be able to download the free apps which can allow to watch or stream movies for free. Like, in other phones which doesn`t have that much restriction as the IPhone has. Here is the list of best Movies app for iPhone. Let me clear those people by telling that, there are lots of apps which allow to see movies on your IPHONE or IOS which are free and paid.


HULU Is an app for your IPhone, which allows you to see the movies for free. It has a big library with immense number of options of Hollywood movies. Even, the new released movies are available there. You don`t need to download the movies, you can stream them to see. It also the options for movies for kids. Like, Disney movies or animations.


Amazon prime is another app which allows to watch movies but, its subscription is not free. But, it is best for those people who want to download movies and watch offline without internet. The options of movies on this app is state of the art with titles from every top movie company like, Disney, Pixar, Fox, Paramount, Columbia Pictures.


You must have heard about this for renting Dvd but it also allows to watch movies on an IPHONE This movie streaming app is very nice with collection of movies from every niche. It offers one month free trial , so you can have a look at it before paying.


Crackle is an IOS app, which is absolutely free to download and watch movies. It does show some ads in free version but, if you can bear the ads then this has the very big collection for movies. It also allows to watch movies with subtitles to have smooth experience. If you are looking for unique experience, then this app is the best for your IPHONE.


Snag films is a free movie app for watching movies for free. It is a good app for IPHONE With offering more than 5000+ catalog of movies, shows , dramas , cartoons , documentary etc. Don`t think of this app , if you are looking for top of the notch movies. Still, it offers good collection of movies. This app will not allow you to download movies but will allow you to stream movies with some ads. It is an easy to use app with Just a simple registration and then you can browse the movies from library.


It is another app which allows you to watch movies, shows on your IPhone and that is without jail break for free. The app also has a feature by which you can stream the content on the APPLE Tv so, why wait when you can enjoy the movies by streaming on the big screen


This Is the most authentic and best app for IPHONE if you want something from officials of IPHONE. This is the dedicated app made only for IPHONE to stream or watch any type of content on your IPHONE but, it is a paid app. Paying for this app is worth it, especially when you are getting the authentic content without any hassle. If you ask me then go for this app if you are willing to pay otherwise there are free apps which I have told above for watching movies on IPHONE.

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